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Rolando Guardiola

Customer-focused professional with a wealth of experience delivering exceptional service in clinical and hospitality industries. Demonstrated success in understanding and fulfilling diverse client needs, cultivating enduring loyalty through attentive care and rapport building. Possesses outstanding interpersonal skills and a dedication to surpassing customer expectations. Thrives in high-energy environments, adeptly managing inquiries and swiftly resolving issues. Excels in handling confidential information with discretion and professionalism. Eager to apply extensive customer service expertise in a dynamic role, committed to delivering unparalleled service excellence.

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  • Fully Bilingual

  • Performance Management

  • Confident Leadership

  • Efficient Problem-Solving

  • Customer Satisfaction Enhancement

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Team Collaboration

  • Training and Development

  • Quality Assurance
  • Multitasking Ability

  • Data Analysis

  • Process Improvement


Ophthalmic Technician

PREI | 06/2024 - present

  • Greet patients, take detailed medical histories, and prepare them for eye examinations.

  • Conduct visual acuity tests, refraction tests, tonometry to measure intraocular pressure, and optical coherence tomography (OCT) scans.

  • Assist ophthalmologists with exams and minor surgeries.

  • Prepare patients for exams, including taking medical histories.

  • Educate patients on eye health, and postoperative care.

  • Manage patient records and ensure accurate EMR documentation.

  • Schedule appointments and manage inventory.

  • Follow safety protocols and HIPAA regulations.

English Language Teacher

Escuela Nueva Pedagogía Secundaria | 08/2023 - present

  • Direct English literature and language skills education for middle and high school students.

  • Orchestrate the development of engaging lesson plans tailored to diverse learning styles.

  • Facilitate increased participation and comprehension through innovative teaching methods.

  • Collaborate on interdisciplinary concepts to enrich student learning experiences.

  • Participate in regular meetings with parents and guardians to maintain open communication.

Social media copywriter/ Sales executive

B Design | 12/2022 - present

  • Craft engaging content for social networks, optimizing posts for target audience behaviors.

  • Collaborate with artists to select compelling visuals to complement text.

  • Acquire new clients through presentations and meetings, contributing to business growth.


Vidasana | 08/2004 - 12/2022

  • Oversaw accounting, invoicing, and tax procedures for the business.

  • Managed procurement and maintenance of massage supplies.

  • Maintained discretion and professionalism with luxury clientele.

  • Executed massage therapy services for prestigious wellness brands.

Front Office Associate & Front Desk Manager

Marriott 3 different locations 04/1994 - 04/2004

Hartford Marriott, Farmington Marriott, San Juan Marriott

  • Directed hospitality experience for business clientele across three Marriott locations.

  • Supervised and trained concierge and front desk personnel.

  • Controlled front desk operations for a 525-room property.

  • Executed scheduling of staff rotations to ensure efficient service.

  • Leveraged expertise as part of the Hotel Opening Management team.


Bachelor of Arts

Liberal Arts English Major
2002 - University of Puerto Rico


  • Fluent in English

  • Native in Spanish

  • Basic in French


With a steadfast dedication to enhancing organizational performance through adept performance management, confident leadership, and efficient problem-solving, I am eager to contribute to a dynamic team committed to achieving excellence. My proven track record in customer satisfaction enhancement, adept conflict resolution, and fostering cohesive team collaboration positions me as a valuable asset poised to drive success in any challenging environment. Ready to embark on new opportunities where I can apply my skills to make a tangible impact, I am enthusiastic about the possibility of contributing to your esteemed organization.

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